Fiber Art

Artist Statement: Fabric is everywhere-in constant contact with all our senses. Its familiarity is comforting. We wear it, work in it, sleep under it, and admire its functionality on a daily basis.

The objects I collect from nature are equally universal-so familiar-yet we take them for granted-from pebbles, shards of glass, bits of metal rusted by the elements of time to weathered branches in surreal forms.

Fabric is the medium of my art. Nature provides the details. My desire is that combining the two will slow us down, opening our senses to the amazing architecture of everyday objects.

The process of creation calms and centers my mind, helping me express the less familiar and uncomfortable grey areas of life. The textures, patterns and colors please my senses, providing a place of peace and contentment.

My style may vary according to the subject, as I sort through my stash of dyed and painted fabrics to choose colors and designs that resonate with my soul. Whether I’m working in the abstract or the representational, I weave the threads of my life into my art.

My work is influenced by Mondrian, Pollack, Picasso and Rothko.


Original Artwork by Pam Hansen. All rights reserved.
Artwork is shown in galleries. Please email for availability, payment and shipping method.

"Jack In The Pulpit"


38"h x 24"w - Collection of Artist

"Lost In The Shuffle"


17"h x 11"w - $185.00 USD


10"h x 9"w - $160.00 USD



18"h x 8"w - $140.00 US



17"h x 12"w- $200.00 USD

"Woman In Red"

15"h x 12"w - $180.00 USD

"Woman In Blue"

14"h x 11"w - $155.00 USD

"Mondrian's Circles"


40"h x 39"w - $1560.00 USD

"Grey Area"


34"h x 19"w - $640.00 USD

"Lipstick 2"


24"h x 18"w - $430.00 USD



16"h x 12"w - $190.00 USD

"No Direction"


20"h x 20"w - $400.00 USD

"Primitive Encounter" 


24"h x 18"w - $430.00 USD



24"h x 18"w - $325.00 USD

"Emerging From Darkness"


20"h x 16"w - $320.00 USD

"Navigating The Darkness"


20"h x 16"w - $320.00 USD

 "Fractured Lives"


34"h x 30"w - $1020.00 USD











Professional Memberships

Artist Trust of Washington
Inland Northwest Machine Quilters
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Studio Art Quilt Associates
Surface Design Association (Washington)
Association of Pacific West Quilters


Art Exhibitions

2014 Art on the Green, Juried Show
2013, 2014 Manic Moon and More Artisan Emporium, Guest Artist
2013 Town and Country Studio Art Tour, Juried Show
2010, 2011 Gallery of Thumb, Guest Artist
2008, 2009 Jacklin Arts Center, Fiber Art, Juried Show
2007 Kress Gallery, Fiber Art, Juried Show