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Quilts That Tell Your Story

Sample_Quilt.jpg Welcome to Thread Dancer Design Studio. From design to delivery, I'm dedicated to preserving your memories into an heirloom quilt that will be cherished for generations.

Thread Dancer Design Studio tells your story through your t-shirt collection. For some, that story is about passions and family. For others, it's about business and organizational values. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination... and your T-Shirt collection. T-Shirt Quilts

Dedication to details and personal attention to each individual t-shirt quilt matters. I create each quilt with your input to ensure it reflects your life experiences, drawing on my years of traditional quilt making and artistic design experience.
Thread Dancer T-Shirt Quilts are generously sized and handcrafted for durability, using natural fibers for comfort.

Prices include all materials, borders and quilting. You provide the t-shirts, I provide the rest. It's that simple.

Quilt_Sample2.jpg You are invited to be involved in planning your T-Shirt Quilt. I can work to your specifications regardless of the number of shirts you send to create the quilt you desire. Contact me if you wish to discuss the possibilities for your quilt. I love hearing your ideas!

Thread Dancer Design Studio also includes my fiber art. Fiber Art I create abstractly and incorporate quilting techniques with the same attention to detail as my T-Shirt quilts, telling my own story with dyed and painted fabrics, surface design, and details provided by nature. I invite you to visit my fiber art page to learn more about my art.