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IMG_3854 (2)[1].jpegOperating since 2006, Thread Dancer Design Studio is a licensed, professional studio, nestled in the historic hamlet of Millwood, Washington, near the Spokane River. We are a small community where connections are made at the bakery, the yoga studio, the farmers market, and on daily walks under the canopy of street trees.

Spokesman Review Article

All of my life, artistry has infused me with its creative powers. My attraction to fabric began with a basic sewing class in middle school and I was hooked. I began to practice, stitching garments, quilts, home furnishings and costumes for the family pets. The enchanting designs and colors of the fabrics left me spellbound with every trip to the fabric shop, and made me wish for a yard of everything. For me, being surrounded by beautiful fabric is comparable to being surrounded by great books.

I wove those early threads of my life into a formal education in fashion design and textiles. Like anyone, my “real” education has come from life experiences and connections with people and places, all of which is reflected in my work. My sensitivity and love of fabric eventually led me on a path of self-expression through fiber art, exploring the threads that connect us all...  the way we laugh, the way we hurt. As I developed my fine art by combining quilting with fiber arts, I was repeatedly sought out by friends seeking a way to preserve their memories as works of art. Thread Dancer Design Studio was the inevitable outcome, a small, professional studio, where your t-shirt collection becomes a custom tapestry that tells the story of your life.