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Pricing & Ordering

Please print and send the completed Order Form and along with a 50% deposit (for T-Shirt Quilts). I also accept PayPal ( and Credit Card (Contact me for Billing Info). I will contact you when your order has been received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Certain times of the year, such as graduation and Christmas are booked well in advance, resulting in longer delivery times. Please feel free to reach out regarding the delivery of your order, alongside any special requests.


To ensure the best possible quality, I request that your shirts be in good condition and freshly laundered without the use of fabric softeners or highly fragranced detergent.

Please send the entire shirt, uncut, labeling what you want included from each shirt (front, back, sleeve, pocket, etc.). Price is based on the number of pieces used. Each printed area that I use counts as one shirt, (or one piece).




Original Artwork by Pam Hansen, All Rights Reserved.

Prints of selected original artwork are available upon request. Artwork is shown in galleries, please contact me for availability, payment, and shipping.