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Pricing & Ordering

Please print and send the completed Order Form and a 50% deposit with your T-shirts. I will contact you when I receive your order. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Certain times of the year (including graduation and Christmas) are booked well in advance, resulting in longer delivery times. Please contact me to guarantee the delivery of your quilt.

To create a high quality quilt, I request that your shirts be in good condition and freshly laundered without the use of fabric softeners.

Please send the entire shirt, uncut, labeling what you want included from each shirt (front, back, sleeve, pocket, etc.). Each printed area that I use counts as one shirt, (or one quilt square).

I cut your shirts to include the entire graphic you send. The size and number of graphics used to make your quilt determine whether it’s a standard or custom design. Shirt graphics larger than 14 inches in any direction are considered a custom design. Contact me if you have questions about the design or need to discuss special requests.

Thread Dancer T-shirt quilt prices include all materials, borders and quilting. Quilt sizes are approximate, and larger than standard quilt sizes. You provide the T-shirts, and I’ll provide everything else to create your heirloom quilt.

Three payment methods are listed on the order form.
1. Checks or money orders are payable to Thread Dancer.
2. If you chose to use PayPal, you will need to have an account. Enter my email address ( and the amount at
3. If you choose to pay by credit card please call me to provide billing information.

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