T-Shirt Quilts

Look closely and you will see the extraordinary details that are standard features in each quilt. A Thread Dancer quilt exceeds your expectations, integrating the finest materials with exceptional craftsmanship and personal attention.

Details that make the quilt: The difference is in the details. I combine artistry with exceptional quality and personal service. That makes every T-shirt quilt I create a work of art, with beauty and durability built-in.

Your T-shirts are the main attraction and I consider the arrangement carefully, artistically balancing color and design. The T-shirts need to endure the construction process, daily use and repeated laundering. So, I apply a lightweight stabilizer to prevent stretching and give well-worn T-shirts extra life while maintaining their softness.

Quilting secures the layers and the quality of my machine quilting is visible in the tight stitching and closely quilted spaces, which creates lasting durability. Thread Dancer uses a consistent pattern of quilting, flowing seamlessly over the entire quilt. That adds an attractive texture to the surface, without distracting from the graphics on your T-shirts.

The edges of a quilt get the most wear, so your quilt is machine finished with a double-folded binding. The T-shirt quilts are generously sized and hand-crafted for durability, incorporating natural fibers for comfort. It's details like these that make the difference when choosing a quilt maker for your T-shirt collection. I am here to answer any questions you might have about my process.

I invite you to be involved in planning your T-shirt quilt. I can work to your specifications regardless of the number of shirts you send. I love hearing your ideas! Contact me if you wish to discuss the possibilities for creating your quilt.
Design Details:

There are two basic designs, depending on your T-shirt collection, and I consider custom requests on an individual basis.

A standard design arranges the shirts (blocks) in a grid pattern, each block is uniform in size, separated with fabric (sashing). Shirt designs measuring less than 14 inches fit this design. Smaller fabric squares (cornerstones) in a contrasting color can be inserted where the four corners of the shirts meet.


 A custom design is used when your t-shirt collection consists of varying sizes, such as over-sized graphics or small insignias from pockets or sleeves. Shirt designs measuring more than 14 inches are accommodated by this design.


With either option, I cut your shirts to fit the quilt so the entire graphic is used. In addition to T-shirts, I can work with sweat shirts, sports jerseys, baby clothing and many other items – just ask.

Fabric details: Considering comfort and tradition, I use natural, breathable fabrics, with an extensive selection of color choices in cotton or cotton flannel. The flannel is soft and thick, a great choice for a warmer, heavier quilt. All fabric is pre-washed to limit shrinkage and fading. I will choose colors that complement your T-shirts, or leave it up to you.


Sleeve for hanging: A sleeve is hand-stitched to your quilt, pleated to accommodate a 1-inch dowel. This is the best way to attractively display your quilt on a wall. Prices vary depending on quilt size.





Custom block: The block is created from two to four smaller graphics or insignias to make one quilt block.





Embroidery: Personalize your quilt with embroidery work. Contact us for an estimate.



Caring for your quilt: Prolong the life of your t-shirt quilt through proper care. They are made to withstand use and repeated washings, but not harsh chemicals or abuse. I recommend washing with a mild detergent in cold water on a gentle cycle, and drying on a low heat setting.

Environmental impact:. I love that the nature of my work supports the reuse of items we all have in our wardrobe, the classic T-shirt. In the spirit of sustainability the discarded portions of your T-shirts are donated to be recycled into other new, useful products.












 "The quilt is absolutely wonderful-the colors, the placement of squares, how cleverly you worked in the baby blanket and the sentimental Sweet Dreams Will. I like your work and how quickly you completed the project. It has been enjoyable working with you." 
"The quilts are SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks sooooooo much!"  -Glo
"We all LOVE the quilt!  It is beautiful, an amazing piece. You did an incredible job incorporating the baby quilt and the colors, it is wonderful. Thanks for your time and talents that made the quilt the absolute perfect gift."